Organic. Vegan. All-Natural Skin Care & Bath Products.

No fillers. No additives. No unnecessary ingredients. Only essential oils or organic plant extracts.

Our products are hand-crafted in North Carolina in small batches with organic ingredients and a whole lot of love!

De-Stress Your Skin

Enjoy the relaxing and analgesic properties of organic lavender essential oil, as well as the benefits of organic lemongrass essential oil, which has long been used to treat minor skin irritations.

  • All About Clean Skin Care

    We are seeing a general increase in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and sensitivities to different foods and products. As sad as this is, there is not only a reason; there is also a solution. 

  • What Is A Bath Tea?

    We all know that teas can have incredible health benefits for the body and depending on what you are brewing, those health benefits can be critical to how you are feeling.

  • Skin: Your Biggest Organ

    What we put ON our skin matters just as much as what we put IN our body. In order to fully understand my passion for skin care, I think it’s pretty important to understand what this amazing organ does!