Uses of Our Body Butter

Uses of Our Body Butter

Our body butter is unique. Because of how simple the ingredients are, the uses for it vary widely. Each ingredient has its own list of properties and functions. Here are some of the uses I have found:

  • Full body moisturizer: This is kind of a given. This is a very rich butter and a little goes a long way. As a moisturizer, this is fantastic for full-body use. 
  • Facial moisturizer: I personally use this at night as a deep conditioner for my skin. I might use some before putting on make-up if I feel my skin is a little dry in the morning but again, a little goes a LONG way, so I keep it really light if I’m using it in the morning or under make-up. 
  • Make-up remover: Most make-up removers are full of chemicals that dissolve make-up to remove it. I use this as a make-up remover. It doesn’t dissolve the make-up but instead it attracts the make-up to the cotton pad and pulls it away without the scrubbing that I find I have to do to get the same result if I’m using a make-up remover from the store. Super gentle, doesn’t bother my eyes (I can use it to remove make-up even with my contacts in) and I don’t need to wash off anything afterwards. One step and done. 
  • Toner: Each of our body butters has an essential oil in it that is an astringent, which is what a toner is. Ditch the toner, use the body butter. If you need something stronger, you can use our Simply 5 insect repellent (mainly made up of witch hazel and water) as it is a strong astringent but is also fully natural and perfectly OK to use on your face. 
  • Bug Bites: Our body butters, especially the lavender and lemongrass one but really all of them, take the red and itch away and instantly start helping the skin heal. OF COURSE, if it looks like it’s more than just a bug bite (i.e. a spider bite or something worse), this is not something body butter will handle and I would advise you to seek medical attention as soon as you realize it’s more than just an annoying bug bite. Just covering my bases here. 
  • Sunburn: Putting our body butter on immediately after (or during) prolonged sun exposure can help your skin start healing immediately and it will usually take the burn right out. If your sunburn has produced blisters on the skin or it is more than just a simple sunburn, please see your medical provider before trying to treat it with this. This product does not replace medical advice or common sense. It sucks that I even have to state this, but you just never know.
  • Diaper rash: My daughter’s poor tush has been through a lot of trial and error before I mistakenly, in the middle of the night, grabbed my body butter instead of her tub of Aquafor. I didn’t realize it till the morning. But the results were insane -- she completely healed in about 5 hours! Now, any time she gets a diaper rash I just use a dab of this and it is usually gone by the next diaper change and if not, the one after that. I’m not saying it’s GOING TO WORK for you, but honestly, it’s worth a try! 
  • Heat rash/chafing: We use this on all our chafing rashes at night and by the morning we don’t even remember having had one. For real - overnight healing! 
  • Shaving: I have now had 3 people tell me they use this for shaving! Wet your skin with warm water and put a thick layer on. Let it sit for a few minutes to soak into your skin then rub it in well. Shave and rinse. I personally would make sure you exfoliate before shaving, but I would do that regardless of what you use to shave with.
  • Eczema: I have seen, with my own eyes, eczema rashes vanish within seconds of using this. I am going to say right here, this is NOT a cure for eczema. Eczema is a gut imbalance that is manifesting on the skin. However, eczema is annoying and unsightly and is enough to make someone feel uncomfortable going out in public or maybe feel embarrassed. While you heal your gut in whatever way your medical practitioner is helping you with, you DO NOT need to suffer. Try this and see if it helps. 
  • Hair smoother: Like most people, I have little hairs that like to pop up where they are not wanted, fly aways, etc. I rub a small amount into my hands and smooth it through the ends of my hair. Do not apply to roots. It smoothes it all out and gives it a little shine, making it more manageable as well. If you use too much your hair will look more greasy than polished and you don’t want that. It may take some practice to find the perfect amount your hair needs.  

I think that list pretty much sums it up! Is there something YOU use our body butter for that I haven’t listed here? I love hearing what my customers use it for that I haven’t thought of yet! 

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