Skin Care from the Garden

Skin Care from the Garden


Grow a skincare garden full of healing herbs, flowers, and plants.

There are numerous plants that, when used correctly, can be beneficial additions to your skin care routine!

Put A Little Spring In Your Life

With the arrival of Spring, there is a sense of renewal, of wanting to get that garden started, and seeing what we can create with the ground, seeds, and nature around us.

There are numerous plants that, when used correctly, can be beneficial additions to your skin care routine. This is where I obtained the foundations for the Maddie's Essentials product line!

There are several plants that you can grow yourself that can be used for skin care. By simply adding some oils and fats, you too can make some amazing products!

Here’s a short list of what you can grow yourself:

Bloom, baby, Bloom!

Lavender - These flowers and the oils derived from them not only smell wonderful, but they also have anti-bacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender repels mosquitos and attracts bees in the garden! Feed the bees and keep the bugs at bay!

Comfrey - Another calming plant, this is excellent for calming the skin, assisting with antioxidant efforts, and relieving anxiety. Gardening tip: This plant is extremely simple to grow and grows FAST (from personal experience)! It's delicious in teas and can be infused into your favorite oils for everyday use. *If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid using this product.

Calendula – Calendula flowers (also known as marigolds) have medicinal properties and are frequently used in teas and extracts to help with irritation and skin issues. Calendula is wonderful in a bath and can help relieve joint pain. It is an easy-to-grow flower that adds a beautiful pop of yellowish gold to any garden or landscape. Dry the flowers, stems, and leaves before infusing them in oils, honey, or incorporating them into a tea bag!

Chamomile – These lovely little flowers pack a powerful punch! Chamomile is frequently associated with calming someone who has overworked themselves, or with assisting someone in winding down so they can sleep. These flowers can not only help with this, but they can also help with inflammation, internal pain, and, yes, anxiety. Chamomile is a very hardy plant that can grow almost anywhere. It grows quickly and provides a lovely backdrop for other flowers you want to include in your garden!

All of these (and many more) can be found in our products in some way! As we strive to create with all of our products, function and pleasure are a fantastic combination. We are always open to new ideas, so if you come up with something we don't already have, please let us know in the comments below.

I hope this has helped you to make some decisions about what you may be able to add to your own lovely home garden.

Check out some of our other posts for more information about our products, the plants we use, and how we use them!

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